Calosemi Whitening Body Mousse (Bundle of 2)

Calosemi Whitening Body Mousse (Bundle of 2)

Calosemi cream mousse body wash is a gentle and effective body wash suitable for all skin types!  Product is to be used in place of usual shower cleansers, shower foams, shower gels.




✔️Improve skin tone

✔️Improve skin dullness

✔️Improves skin elasticity

✔️Long lasting fragrance

Suitable for sensitive skin

Suitable for the young

Not recommended for eczema skin

Paraben free


Recommended usage: Shake bottle before use and press to dispense product. Apply evenly on your body and rinse with water. Can be used together with shower sponges etc.



Cherry Blossom Fragrance ♥️



Milky Fragrance ♥️

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