Shero Ching Slim Combination Trial Box

Shero Ching Slim Combination Trial Box

Each trial box consists of

  • 5 sachets tea blossom
  • 2 scahets oligopeptide drink
  • 2 packets oligopeptide jelly


Tea blossom mixed powder is inhibiting the absorption of fat and sugar. Enzymes are involved in the body's metabolic response, promoting metabolism, and breaking down calories.

To simplify, it prevents the absorption and storage of fat by converting it into gel which traps the fat and bring it through the intestinal tract without entering the bloodstream. Lastly, your body flushes it away from the body system. With less fat entering the body, it helps you to control your weight and appetite gradually.

  • Usage: To drink 30 minutes before lunch and dinner


Oligopeptide Drink:

8 benefits: Detoxification, Break down fats, Boost metabolism, Antioxidants, Anti-glycation, Maintain healthy eyesight, Liver protection and Prevents hangover

It contains low-calories and does not contain any preservatives. It help to remove natural toxins from the body, maintain healthy cholesterol levels and reduce constipation. It also helps to break down fat and reduce fat absorption.

  • Usage: To drink before bed time


Oligopeptide Jelly Meal Replacement:
This new products only contains 200 calories and comes with Low calories. Extremely fuss free to consume at anywhere at anytime. Replace your unhealthy snacks with this rose flavoured tasty jelly! It can be served as a meal replacement so you can replace your heavy carbs meal with this jelly pack.

  • Usage: Consume at anytime you feel hungry